Launch of Book in Windhoek on 9 August 2019
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TRUSTCO Group Holdings (TGH) hosted the fourth launch of the book of the retired South African Ambassador, Dr. Riaan Eksteen, ‘The Role of the Highest Courts of the United States of America and South Africa, and the European Court of Justice in Foreign Affairs’ at the Namibian Parliament in Windhoek.
The Head of Trustco Media, Jaco Klynsmith, received a copy on behalf of the Trustco CEO, Dr. Quinton Van Rooyen.
The Eksteen Book already received wide academic and political claim according to the Speaker of the National Assembly, veteran politician who served as international representative of Swapo and later in the diplomatic service of Independent Namibia, dr. Peter Katjavivi, who described the book of dr. Eksteen as a “Work of a Lifetime” that will be an important future reference for scholars and diplomats.
The Windhoek launch followed three launches held in Pretoria, Stellenbosch and at the University of Johannesburg in preceding days.
Dr. Katajvivi, in congratulating the author for this “wonderful and important piece of work” as it relates to the field of foreign affairs along the legal landscape. An area where Riaan Eksteen “having served as an Ambassador for many years, is a guru”. He then also drew attention to certain aspects of the book that relate to the system where cases committed in other parts of the world can be adjudicated in the courts of law in the USA as has been attempted in the case of Namibians versus Germany.
The book provides an intensive and incisive examination of the judiciary’s role in foreign affairs. It presents essential material and analysis on foreign affairs by the relevant Courts through their decisions, presentations and briefs to the Courts, scholarly contributions and relevant publications. The lack of recognition of the judiciary’s role in foreign affairs is conspicuous, and the book accordingly addresses the deficiency. The book gives due recognition to the judiciary and its increasing relevance and influence in foreign affairs. an important contribution to the scholarly literature on foreign policy and its analysis, and the future consideration of the judiciary.
In her Foreword Prof. Marijke Breuning* declares that the book
• is an innovative study of a neglected actor in foreign policy analysis;
• represents a valuable addition to the literature on foreign policy analysis and fills a gap in the literature that begs to be filled;
• persuasively demonstrates that the judiciary has incontrovertibly had an impact on the foreign policy behaviour of states, as well as on the policy makers responsible for foreign policy decision making; and
• in its insights is interesting in its own right: it demonstrates that the judiciary does influence foreign policy making and should not be overlooked.
[*Professor of Political Science at the University of North Texas; former editor of the American Political Science Review (2012-2016) and author of Foreign Policy Analysis: A Comparative Introduction (2007)]
Prof. Chris Alden** had this comment after reviewing the book:
• This is a thoughtful and well-documented treatment of the topic. It makes a strong and well-substantiated case for the findings as both part of a trend across all the case studies and one which has been systematically ignored in the existing FPA literature. This is the most important dimension of this book and one which clearly demonstrates its contribution to the scholarly literature.
• It provides a well-structured and original treatment of the theme of the role of the judiciary in foreign affairs, bolstered by its use of comparative case studies and careful analysis.
• It has an innovative approach to FPA, one that sets the stage for necessary corrective to the body of theory on foreign policy making as well as providing new comparative data on how this has occurred in three important judiciaries.
[**Prof. Alden teaches International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science and holds fellowships at several international universities]
Riaan Eksteen authored the book based on an exceptional academic record with a distinguished career in international relations and political analysis spanning more than 50 years of diplomacy at the highest level with further experience in public relations and international consultancy.
The book was published by Asser Press, The Hague, and produced and distributed by Springer, Berlin.